We travelled all the way from London to Ethiopia to learn church teaching

One of the most important lessons a child can learn is how to create goals. You may increase your children’s chances of success in life by empowering them to establish goals and teaching them the importance of goal-setting. Making this procedure instructive and enjoyable for your child can help them learn to take ownership of their actions and foster a good “can-do” attitude. The fundamental idea behind goal-setting with young children is to encourage them to develop a long-term disposition of planning, thinking, and acting in order to accomplish tasks. Thus, developing goals for children is similar to making goals for adults, with a few slight modifications to accommodate for cognitive and emotional growth. Ask your child to describe in detail a few goals they would like to achieve once they have a solid understanding of how goal-setting works. It’s crucial that you let your kid come up with the concepts for their objectives. As parents, we can act as their mentors while they formulate their objectives and foster an honest discourse about the function that each of their proposed goals will fulfil. Additionally, even though coming up with goal ideas is enjoyable, only concentrate on one or two at once. Now that the objective has been established, it is time to talk about a strategy to make sure they are successful.

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