We used to think there is no one more beautiful than me

We’re all guilty of comparing ourselves to others, even though the majority of us make an effort not to. We could say things like, “I wish I were as rich as them,” or “I wish I dressed like so-and-so.” Even though we frequently don’t realize it, it’s crucial to work on stopping ourselves. Constantly comparing ourselves to others might lead to negative ideas, even while it may inspire us to improve ourselves. Comparing has always been a part of human nature as we are social creatures. We are inundated with posts on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that highlight our shortcomings. These applications lead us to doubt certain parts of our own life by acting as comparison traps. We frequently distort our perceptions of others by contrasting their best traits with our own. An excessive amount of comparison breeds discontent and low self-worth. As a result of “not being good enough,” we get angry at other people or upset with ourselves. “I wish I were as pretty as her,” is what you think when you watch another woman stroll down the street. If only my body looked like that of a celebrity you see posting on Instagram about their gym regimen, you might think to yourself. When a colleague is presenting, you can’t help but remark, “She’s a lot better public speaker than I am.” If comparisons persist, feelings of helplessness, frustration, and jealousy surface. Such conduct can lead to persistent anxiety and despair if left untreated. People may search for others’ flaws in order to feel better about themselves and avoid making comparisons.

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