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We want to have a wedding one the same day – The Twin Doctors

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Seifu on EBS – Entertaining meeting with the twin specialists, Kakidan and Eyerusalem Getahun with have Seifu Fantahun. The main practitioner training was granted by the Schola Medica Salernitana around the year 1000, including to ladies like Trota of Salerno. The degrees got lawful approval in 1137 by Roger II of Sicily and in 1231 by Emperor Federico II, in the Constitution of Melfi. In the titles of the third book of the Constitutions of 1231, it was set up that the action of a doctor (Medicus) must be done by doctors holding a practitioner training, the Licentia Medendi (permit to rehearse medication), by the Schola Medica Salernitana (the solitary school in the realm approved to grant degrees in medication).

This degree was granted after an educational plan made out of three years of investigation of rationale, five years of clinical investigations, an assessment of a commission made out of the teachers of the college, a one-year apprenticeship with a specialist, and the last assessment before the chiefs of the Royal Curia and the Provincial Curias.

In 1703, the University of Glasgow’s first clinical alumni, Samuel Benion, was given the scholastic level of Doctor of Medicine. College clinical instruction in England finished with the MB capability, and in Scotland the M.D., until during the nineteenth century the public bodies who controlled clinical practice at the time required experts in Scotland just as England to hold the double Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees (MB BS/MBChB/MB BChir/BM BCh, and so on)

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