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You can brighten someone’s day by doing a kind gesture for them. According to research, doing a kind deed for someone else can also brighten their day. When a craving strikes, consider diverting your attention for a while by offering assistance to a friend, member of your family, a coworker, or a total stranger. As you walk your dog, place your neighbor’s newspaper on the porch. Make a nice remark to the grocery store cashier whose previous customer was irritable. For someone who has their hands full, hold the door open. Such deeds enable you to concentrate on the requirements of another individual. This makes it simpler to temporarily put less emphasis on yourself and deal with cravings till they pass. These kinds of nice deeds are quick, cheap, and make you feel good on both sides. Additionally, doing nice deeds can have advantages besides just reducing your need to smoke. You can direct your thoughts outward toward others by performing a nice deed. It enables you to briefly step outside of your own reality. Doing nice deeds can improve your health by lowering stress, for example. An important aspect of giving up smoking is often managing stress. Being kind to others lowers your stress levels and may even lengthen your life! Thus, showing kindness to others is a fantastic smoke-free stress reduction technique. Good deeds are deliberate actions. That’s distinct from refraining from doing something you may otherwise do, such as refraining from yelling at a driver who cuts you off. That is not considered a good deed. Some good deeds require preparation. Making a plan enables you to focus and be aware of the good deed you’re performing. It also makes it easier for you to consider other people’s needs.

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