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Friends and family have shown their support. Spend time with your family and/or friends. Share your feelings and thoughts. Talk it over. The emotional support, companionship, and ability to “ventilate” will be extremely beneficial to you. Physical activity. During this difficult period, regular cardiovascular/aerobic exercise has the unique capacity to relieve anxiety, depression, and tension, as well as boost your energy and sense of well-being. Task Stability in Daily Life. Going to school or job as usual is really beneficial when going through a huge transition. It also gives you something else to focus about, providing you a break. Allow yourself a short length of time after a loss to recover and redirect your attention. The Strength of Humour. Humour and laughter may strengthen a frail body, ease a troubled mind, and mend a wounded heart. Rent a humorous film. With those who can make you laugh, spend time. And keep in mind that it’s okay to laugh when things are difficult. It aids. Deep relaxation, sleep, and rest. Get a decent night’s sleep (but don’t stay up too late). Spend 10 to 15 minutes every day unwinding by taking slow, deep breaths, tensing and relaxing different muscle groups, or visualising relaxing locations. Think about purchasing a relaxation tape or engaging in another soothing activity. Treat yourself. Get a massage, indulge in a fine meal, take a long bath, listen to music, etc. Recognise your own deserving of it.

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