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we were searching for her for 3 months

A missing person is someone who has vanished and whose status as living or dead cannot be determined due to a lack of information about their location and condition. A person might go missing for a variety of causes, including voluntary disappearance, an accident, a crime, death in an area where they cannot be located (such as at sea), and many others. A missing person is usually located swiftly in most regions of the world. Despite the fact that kidnappings are among the most publicly reported missing person instances, they only account for 2–5% of all missing children in Europe. Some missing person cases, on the other hand, go unsolved for years. The laws governing these cases are frequently complicated since, in many jurisdictions, relatives and other parties are prohibited from dealing with a person’s assets until their death has been legally established and an official death certificate has been issued. When a person goes missing, the situation, uncertainty, and lack of closure or a funeral can be tremendously distressing, with long-term consequences for family and friends. The International Commission on Missing Persons is one of several organizations working to connect, share best practices, and broadcast information and photographs of missing children in order to increase the success of missing children investigations.

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