We will celebrate Meskel in the country side

A crucial component of human existence has always been religious beliefs. Because of man’s enduring desire for meaning and purpose, numerous religions have developed, each with its own distinctive festival celebrations. The Easter and Christmas festivals are profoundly ingrained in the history of Christianity for Christians everywhere as occasions that influenced the fate of mankind. The Meskel festival is a close second to these Ethiopian celebrations that are particular to the Christian faith for Ethiopian Christians. This enduring celebration hails from the historic Ethiopian city of Addis Abeba and commemorates the discovery of the Real Cross of Jesus.
Every year on September 27 or September 28 in a leap year, Christians and visitors congregate in the city to remember the Meskel festival. Orthodox churches in Ethiopia annually observe the Meskel festival as a national Christian holiday. The discovery of the actual cross that Jesus was crucified on is commemorated by this holiday. The festival is essentially a celebration of the cross since the word “meskel,” which is from the Ge’ez language, is translated as “cross.” The celebration, which is hosted in Addis Abeba’s renowned Meskel Square, attracts many of prominent figures, religious leaders, and adherents of Christianity. The mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine, Queen Helena, received supernatural guidance to its location in the fourth (4th) century, leading to the discovery of this cherished artifact within Christianity. Legend has it that the now-canonized Queen Helena once had a dream. She was instructed to build a bonfire in the dream, and the smoke would point to the spot where the True Cross of Jesus was interred.

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