Wedding ceremony of artist Ermias…who is his wife?

Finding the ideal companion seems to take a lot of effort. Finding a partner you can spend the rest of your life with may seem impossible because relationships involve so many different factors, such as attractiveness, trust, honesty, communication, closeness, and sex life. I’m here to inform you that there is still hope, though. Because it is impossible, choose a wife or a husband is not difficult. It’s challenging because we approach it incorrectly. Instead of turning inward and making ourselves whole first, we go forth to the world and expect to find someone to complete us. If it does, lean in and pay attention since it is a clue that it may seem cliche to you. The hardest step is definitely this one, but if you can get beyond it, you’ll have plenty of momentum to move on to the other two. The first step in learning to love yourself is to accept both your strengths and your weaknesses. After that, you must accept and love them for who they are. Knowing that every aspect of you has value can help you to practise self-love. Enjoy your strengths and be aware of areas for development. It’s all a wonderful synthesis of who you are. Nobody else will be able to recognise your excellence in all of your positive and negative traits if you can’t. There will always be some ingrained doubt until you accept and own everything that makes you who you are.

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