Wedding ceremony of Bemnet Mulugeta

The people you should listen to are those who have experienced numerous ups and downs and have learned from them. In such instance, it makes sense that the best source of wedding counsel would be the spouses themselves. It is obvious that you worked very hard to plan your wedding. It is therefore understood why you don’t like it, especially at this moment. Stress and concern, on the other hand, may prevent you from completely appreciating the fruits of your labour if you aren’t attentive about keeping your presence in the present. The main purpose of a wedding is to commemorate your union and the beginning of your life together. Every time the bride feels overwhelmed or sidetracked, she must remember this. If you intend to wear your new shoes on the big day, make sure to break them in well in advance. If you don’t break them in first, you’ll feel uncomfortable and might even develop blisters. If you’re more accustomed to flat shoes, transitioning to heels for your wedding day may be a genuine pain in the foot. You should make sure you’re entirely at ease on your wedding day, more so than just wearing the shoes around the house. You won’t be able to enjoy your first dance if your strapless bra digs into your breast or you have a throbbing blister on the back of your foot.

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