What are the 6 reason of bad underwear odor

Let’s face it, sometimes the smell of your favorite old sweatshirt just won’t go away after a simple wash. If regular washing doesn’t get rid of the smell, you might need to try a different approach. Use one of these techniques to permanently remove odors from your clothing. Your body is stuffed with amazing and bizarre surprises. Unluckily, some of them might have unpleasant odors. A temporary bad odor right before the shower is normal, but one that is so overpowering that you can detect it through your pants may be a sign of more serious problems. Discover some of the causes and remedies for the underlying condition as you continue reading. You might smell yourself through your pants. A pH balance is necessary for the vagina to keep its tissues healthy. Unusual odors may result from a disturbed pH balance if infections or other changes take place. Here are a few instances of these possible reasons. Bacterial overgrowth is the cause of the condition known as bacterial vaginosis, which frequently affects women of childbearing age. The string from an inserted tampon can occasionally move up into the vagina or turn sideways. As a result, you risk forgetting about the tampon or having trouble taking it out, causing it to stay there longer than you intended. The cervical opening is too small for a tampon to pass through your vagina. However, a trapped tampon can have harmful side effects, such as toxic shock syndrome. Remove the tampon as soon as you can with clean hands and short fingernails to prevent this from happening.

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