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What boundaries should you set and how to respect it

Even our closest friends and loved ones can’t read our minds, however how enticing it is to believe that they can.
Setting boundaries for a closer relationship may seem paradoxical, yet doing so is the secret to building solid (and enduring) friendships and romantic relationships. Boundaries are essentially restrictions that you set up between you and another person in order to live happily and harmoniously together. Spend some time first identifying your needs in each of your connections. It’s crucial to be explicit about your boundaries. The other person’s response to the boundary you’re setting is not your responsibility. And you know best what’s best for your body. Never feel guilty for expressing your demands. In order to be your strong, independent self in the relationship, keep in mind that you are setting boundaries to respect who you are as a person. Your boundaries may differ significantly from someone else’s, as long as you both pay attention to and respect each other’s boundaries about sexual activity. Be comfortable discussing your needs with others. It’s crucial to regularly check in with your friends and lovers, not only at the start of a relationship or on move-in day. Although you can establish ground rules, requirements and comfort levels may change over time.

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