What did the judges do on yope final competition

Ethiopian cinema and the film industry are both relatively new developments. The Ethiopian film industry is thriving, but there are a number of issues that have kept it from reaching its full potential. Ethiopia once had a larger live stage theater scene, which gave rise to a small but active stage performing community. Since the 2000s, Amharic has been utilized in modernizing Ethiopian films, but because DVD and home video distribution is so widespread, copyright infringement and piracy have hampered their advancement. This decreased in the early 2010s as a result of government intervention and policy imposition. Contrary to foreign premieres, Ethiopian film production has remained amateurish and low-budget despite recent improvements. Ethiopia’s first movie theater opened its doors in 1898, three years after the first motion picture was shown on December 25, 1895. However, because of the continuous sociopolitical unrest, the growth rate has drastically dropped. Ethiopia’s film industry, which has long been associated with its national, religious, and cultural traditions, has been forced by political pressure to promote historical and documentary movies.

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