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What did the police say about the young Ethiopian who lost his life?

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The two nations keep up close trades in different fields like legislative issues, economy and exchange, and humanities.

Envoy Redwan offered his thanks to China’s steadfast resistance to outside impedance in Ethiopia’s interior issues, and its significant help in framework development, monetary and exchange speculation, and specialized participation.

Redewan emphasized Ethiopia’s help of China in defending its power, security, and advancement interests. The different sides consented to keep on extending commonly advantageous participation between the two nations and advance the thorough improvement of the essential organizations of the two nations.

Deng Li on his part said that China and Ethiopia are thorough key accomplices. Lately, the two nations have seen regular undeniable level trades, strong political shared trust, and firm help for one another on issues of center worry of the two sides, and productive outcomes from realistic collaboration.

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