Home News What did Tsadkan Gebretensae said?

What did Tsadkan Gebretensae said?

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Explanation by the Tigray Religious Institutions Conference. Tigray Religious Institutions Conference says 326 strict pioneers murdered in Tigray According to the Union of Religious Institutions, some of those slaughtered were ministers, Islamic educators, Protestant instructors, and other strict pioneers. Rehashed endeavors to acquire a reaction from the Tigray Interim Administration have fizzled. Tigray Religious Institutions Conference is set up in 2003 E.C.

As indicated by Geez media, Tsadkan Gebretensae declared in the media that the heads of the break organization of Tigray will be murdered from the pit where the honest are covered up. It is Junta’s framework who is devouring the wages of the city, who do the sets of the honest. Work is in progress to kill the Junta Terrorist Squad around there.

In the event that the way of the honest isn’t to expand the enduring individuals of Tigray to end the young people of Tigray. It is futile. The upright are the ones who won’t live except if they drink the blood of young fellows. In 46 years, the upright have significantly increased individuals of Tigray. The honorable are the individuals who can’t live without blood.

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