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What do former friends of Mekdes Tsegaye said about her

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The in excess of 400 billion birr credits the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) stretched out to state ventures and the public authority in the previous years has represented a danger to the greatest bank in Ethiopia.

A record acquired by The Reporter uncovers that the public authority owes CBE 412.5 billion birrs. The archive demonstrates that 386 billion birrs were scattered to state undertakings in particular Ethiopian Electric Power, Ethiopian Electric Utility, Ethiopian Sugar Corporation, Ethiopian Railways Corporation, and the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Enterprise. A major lump of the credit in excess of 200 billion birrs was given to Ethiopian Electric Power which utilized the cash to back mega hydropower projects including the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. CBE has likewise progressed a 46 billion birr credit to the Ethiopian government.

Sources disclosed to The Reporter that the public authority can’t support the stunning 412.5 billion birr advance. “In the previous five years, the public authority has been capable just to pay the premium.” Every year the public authority is paying up to 25 billion birr revenue to the bank. “In the event that the public authority won’t reimburse the credit CBE would be in the red,” sources cautioned.

Bacha Gina, leader of CBE, concedes the potential danger presented by the state credits. “The facts confirm that if advances are not recuperated they would present danger to any bank. In any case, we trust that the credits stretched out to both general society and private area will be recuperated,” Bacha revealed to The Reporter.

He said that a portion of the state undertakings have not begun reimbursing the credits as they have not yet been operational. “Undertakings, which are under development like GERD and sugar projects, have not begun paying their advances since they are not settled at this point. We expect that the undertakings would begin paying their credits once they settle the tasks,” Bacha said.

The goliath state-possessed military combination, the Metals, and Engineering Corporation (MetEC) as of late mentioned the public authority to discount a 57 billion birr obligation. Sources near the matter miracle with regards to how these weak state endeavors would reimburse the mountains of obligation. The public authority has unveiled its arrangement to privatize six state-claimed sugar projects. There are an aggregate of 13 sugar projects with an all out obligation of about 70 billion birrs.

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