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What does our body parts say about us

There are a plethora of sites available for learning more about your body, ranging from the most prestigious medical institutions to Wikipedia and WebMD. However, if you have access to a basic mirror, you’ll discover that one of the best resources for understanding your physical existence is not only free but also there in front of you. The most important thing you can learn about your body is, well, your body. You’ll undoubtedly unearth all manner of secret signals by thoroughly scrutinizing the details and idiosyncrasies that make you who you are—things like your eye color, face shape, and even your unnoticed behavioral ticks. According to a study published in The Leadership Quarterly, people with asymmetrical facial features—for example, an ear that is higher than the other or a sharp point on one side of the nose—are better at taking charge and showing initiative, and are more likely to persuade others to put their personal interests aside for the group’s good. Mosquitos are more likely to latch on to a person with an O blood type in a controlled setting, according to experts at the Institute of Pest Control Technology in Japan—though they aren’t sure why. So, if you’re one of those people who thinks “well, they just believe my blood is sweet,” you could be onto something.

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