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What does our toes say about us

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Throughout history, the art of palmistry, also known as “chiromancy,” has been practiced all around the world. While most people are aware that clairvoyants examine every line and crevice of a person’s palm in order to predict their future, few are aware that their feet can be just as telling. “Foot reading,” sometimes known as “solestry,” is a type of divination that claims to reveal a lot about a person’s nature.

If your curiosity has gotten the best of you and you want to learn more, here’s how your feet could be revealing your mind’s inner workings: If your big toes are very huge, Having a big toe that is much larger than the rest of your toes, according to Pedireviews, could be a sign of creativity. Furthermore, it could signal that you’re a quick thinker, yet having smaller toes appears to indicate that you’re an excellent multi-tasker. Who’d have guessed? If your second toes are longer, Individuals with longer second toes appear to be the best candidates for taking command when looking for a dynamic leader.

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