What does the color of your tongue reveal about your health

The tongue is an important indicator of our health and can reveal information about what is going on inside our bodies. It is connected to many of our vital organs, for example, and the different colors, textures, coatings, and shapes of the tongue can provide information about our health. Learn how to read your body’s messages by becoming more familiar with what appears on your tongue.
A pink tongue is normal and healthy. A red tongue may indicate internal heat, such as a fever, or a hormonal imbalance. A reddish purple tongue may indicate inflammation or infection in the body.
A pale pink tongue could indicate a vitamin deficiency, a compromised immune system, or a lack of energy.
A thick coating is indicative of poor intestinal health or digestive problems. A yellowish coating indicates that the body may be infected. A gray or blackish coating indicates a long-term digestive disorder or that something is seriously wrong with the health of your body. A thick white coating indicates poor circulation to the extremities or a yeast infection.
A puffy tongue with scalloped edges or indented tooth marks may indicate nutrient malabsorption. A very thin tongue could indicate dehydration.

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