What does the color of your tongue say about your health

The tongue is a crucial health indicator and can offer hints about what is happening inside our bodies. For example, it is connected to many of our essential organs, and its many hues, textures, coatings, and shapes might provide details about our health. A pink tongue is typical and healthy. A crimson tongue could be a sign of internal heat, such as a fever or hormonal imbalance. A reddish-purple tongue may indicate an infection or inflammation within the body. A lack of energy, a compromised immune system, or a vitamin deficit can all be indicated by a light pink tongue. Poor gut health or digestive problems are indicated by a thick covering. A yellowish coating suggests that the body can be infected. A grey or blackish covering suggests a chronic digestive disease or that there may be a serious health issue with your body. A thick white covering may indicate a yeast infection or inadequate blood flow to the extremities. The presence of indentation tooth marks or scalloped edges on the tongue may suggest nutritional malabsorption. Dehydration may be indicated by a very thin tongue. The tongue may turn black due to keratin accumulation. The skin, hair, and nails all contain the protein keratin.

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