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What does the shape of your lip reveal about you

Face scientists all around the world regard lips to be one of the most important components in identifying personality. Because we express our feelings both orally and through our facial expressions, the mouth is the first physical indicator that we are happy, angry, or sad. Experts now feel that the shape of your lips can reflect psychological traits and personality traits. Based on the ancient Chinese art of face reading, Jean Haner, a face reading specialist and author of The Wisdom of Your Face, argues that the way you behave with different types of people around you is intimately related with your pout. Every attribute corresponds to a different aspect of your personality. You were given the characteristics you do for a reason. Lip reading focuses on the cupid’s bow—that little dip above the middle of your top lip—to identify hidden personality traits. This lip shape, which is naturally full on both the top and bottom, indicates that you are a sensitive individual with strong maternal instincts. According to persons with this lip shape, Angelina Jolie has an innate need to preserve and protect others; their kind, selfless nature means they truly care about others and take tremendous joy in doing so. They prefer to keep a limited set of pals and value connections above all else. The hue of your preferred lipstick says a lot about you.

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