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what does the shape of your lip reveal about you

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Lips are considered one of the most important aspects in defining personality by face scientists all over the world. The mouth is the first physical indicator that we are happy, angry, or sad, as we convey our feelings both orally and through our facial expressions. Experts now believe that your lip form may reveal underlying psychological characteristics and personality features. Based on the ancient Chinese technique of face reading, Jean Haner, a face reading specialist and author of The Wisdom of Your Face, believes that your pout is strongly associated with the way you behave with different types of individuals around you. Every feature is tied to a portion of your personality. You were born with the traits you have for a reason. Lip reading concentrates on the shape, size, plumpness, and definition of the cupid’s bow—that small dip above the middle of your upper lip—to reveal hidden personality traits. This lip shape, which is evenly and naturally plump on both top and bottom, shows that you are a sympathetic person with strong parental instincts. Angelina Jolie has an intrinsic urge to safeguard and protect others, according to people with this lip shape; their kind, altruistic character means they really care about others and feel great pleasure in doing so. They prefer to keep a small group of friends and place a high priority on connections. Your favorite lipstick color reveals a lot about you.

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