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what does your nails reveal about your behavior

Knowing someone takes days and weeks, but not if you look closely. Certain physical characteristics of a person’s personality, such as their nails, might reveal information about their emotional condition. The shape of your nails can reveal a lot about you. You’re a romantic perfectionist who enjoys the finer things in life. You enjoy staying organized and have a keen eye for the beautiful. You’re a social creature who can’t be tamed and prefers to be outside. In your mouth, there is no filter. Whatever is going on in your thoughts makes its way into your sentences. You enjoy meeting new people and remaining cool in the face of adversity. You’re a stickler for details and can work quickly. You are an expert in the field of analysis. As a result, you may make a life doing research. You are a person who is active and takes action. You can push boundaries to get ahead. You despise procrastinators and anyone who slack off. Many women enjoy painting their fingernails in a kaleidoscope of hues, but what lies beneath the vibrant varnish could be instructive. Between manicures, keep a close eye on your nails to see if they’re showing any indications of disease. Nails change over time, and some of those alterations are quite harmless. Others may point to a disorder or condition that you should discuss with your doctor at High Lakes Health Care.

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