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What Dr. Abiy Ahmed said about Teddy Afro

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Tooters Kassahun, extensively known as Teddy Afro is an Ethiopian pop star, known for his provocative and motivating sections. He is by and large known for using his music to address social and political challenges in the country. Numerous things about him as a voice of contemporary Ethiopia, for his insistently imparted love for his country and the obligation he has shown up for nationalism in an ethnically isolated country. His fans similarly love him as the boldest and innovative character of the current age.

Early life

Teddy Afro was brought into the world in 1976, in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. He was raised in the capital by melodic and inventive gatekeepers. His father Kassahun Groom was a prominent reporter and author. Teddy conveyed a critical love and energy for workmanship and music at an early age. He joined a workmanship club as a youngster, playing instruments like a drum. He similarly had a go at acting in execution places with the club. Regardless, Teddy figured, while still in his youngsters that his calling was music, singing and making tunes.

Teddy joined Afro Sound band at an energetic age. After the important appearance of his assortment Abusive, Teddy showed up at the pick of distinction among the juvenile and was seen as the best craftsman of his age.

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