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What hair oil should you use for wash day

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Hair oiling is an ancient procedure that Ayurvedic medicine has recently reintroduced to Western culture. For more than 4,000 years, women in the Middle East and Africa have used this method to improve the strength and texture of their hair.

One of the best practices you can integrate into your wash day routine is hair oiling. A strand and scalp massage are included in the procedure, both of which are important for improving blood circulation and encouraging hair development. Hair will become stronger, smoother, and glossy with regular practice.

My mother, who as a child took excellent care of my hair and scalp, introduced me to hair oiling.

I rarely continued the practice over the years, but after a chunk of my hair fell out around the front of my head, I was forced to establish a strict schedule. Stress and hormonal shifts were the culprits, according to a visit to the dermatologist. I investigated several procedures and oil types to find the ideal answer for my condition in order to regrow my new bald area as quickly as possible.

Oiling is for you if you have breakage, scalp dandruff, and/or dryness, or if you just want to improve the moisture levels in your hair. The techniques, oil mixes, and frequency you use are all determined by your hair’s demands, so experiment and see what works best for you.

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