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What happen on Artist Blen Mamo

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Indeed, even four months after the suspension of military activities, Ethiopia’s northern Tigray district bears indications of battle, with military vehicles zooming past, interminable keeping an eye on the streets, and uprooted individuals actually pouring in to take cover in Mekele, the provincial capital.

Lined by Eritrea toward the north, Sudan toward the west, Ethiopia’s Amhara territory toward the south, and the Afar area toward the southeast, the semi-bone-dry Tigray district on the edge of the northern bit of Jurassic limestone level is as yet seeing irregular battling.

With commandoes and military work force guarding each edge of the city, checking vehicles and individuals, battling looks a long way from being done.

There is constant appearance of uprooted individuals to Mekele, because of strains in the inside districts among Amhara and Tigray ethnic gatherings.

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