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What happen on Ezema

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As per Addis Standard Magazine, The Federal High Court has today vindicated Lamrot Kamal, a lady who was one of the primary suspects in the June 29/2020 death of unmistakable Oromo craftsman Hachalu Hundessa.

Lamrot was one of the four suspects being investigated for the supposed inclusion in the death of Hachalu. The other three are Tilahun Yami, the primary suspect, Kebede Gemechu, and Abdi Alemayehu.

Lamrot was the sole observer who was with Hachalu the evening of his death. She was momentarily kept and delivered in the main seven day stretch of July 2020 however was rearrested a month’s letter where examiners documented the charges of plotting to kill the craftsman. The Court has said there was no proof demonstrating her inclusion and cleared her of the relative multitude of charges.

The court additionally decided that there was adequate proof connecting Tilahun Yami, the principle suspect, to the death, and administered for the suspect to guard the charges against him.

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