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What happen to Dr. Abiy

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These two episodes are the latest assaults by the PLF whose set of experiences of viciousness against Ethiopians and the locale in general ranges more than 27 years. However, and regardless of these glaring and dreary demonstrations of pandemonium and local destabilization, the worldwide local area decided to look the alternate way; encouraging the TPF faction to disregard global law, renege on its worldwide responsibilities in regard to Eritrea, and carry out shocking wrongdoings in Ethiopia and somewhere else in the district without any potential repercussions. The Gambela, Ogaden, and Oromia destructions, the ethnic clashes in the Somalia area which left more than 2 million inside uprooted, are a portion of its unforgivable abundances that ought to have evoked shock and judgment.

The PLF club likewise expanded its savagery into Eritrea in 1998 where it dispatched a horrendous expansionist conflict of intrusion and occupation. The conflict involved the deficiency of more than 150,000 lives and taught immense monetary demolition in the two nations. In 2006, it dispatched a conflict of intrusion and occupation against Somalia. In the two cases, the worldwide local area mixed to give the untamed system a “cover of decency”. Named as a “ardent US partner in the Global War on Terror (CWT)”, it was, in all actuality, a genuine homegrown and local outfit that brooded dread and commotion in its own country and the Horn of Africa area in general. The worldwide local area wouldn’t make any corrective move against this fierce and uncivilized element.

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