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You can accessorize to hide your visible signs of aging by wearing a timeless, stylish ensemble. A chic sweater can conceal jiggling upper arms, while a simple silk scarf that complements your outfit can conceal drooping neck skin. Divert attention by wearing eye-catching jewelry or brilliant pendants on the breastplate. However, watch out for too-tight necklaces while trying to look younger. As you age, necklaces should be longer and hang above the chest but as far below the face as possible. Additionally, make sure you dress age-appropriately while choosing apparel that will make you look younger. As you become older, the same slimming clothing that you could fit into as a young woman might not look as attractive or flattering. In some circumstances, dressing inappropriately might make you look older by revealing parts of your body that have aged prematurely. The dreaded wrinkles known as “Crow’s Feet” develop near to the eyes as we age. This is a confidence-killer for many women, who seek to conceal it in order to look younger and feel more confident. You can cover up the following facial aging symptoms using makeup: While using makeup won’t entirely cover up wrinkles, you can draw attention to them by dabbing concealer only where it’s necessary around the eyes. Caution: Applying too much foundation or powder to your crow’s feet may make them appear more prominent than usual. Collagen is lost throughout time, which is why there is excess skin and discolouration under the eyes. This chemical gives you skin that is tight and supple. You may also add collagen to your diet using natural methods, which can make you look at least ten years younger.

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