What happened to Abebe Balcha and Filfilu

It’s widely believed that humor is beneficial to your health. Every conceivable health outcome has been connected to the advantages of humor and laughter. A good laugh is said to help with pain relief, immune system stimulation, heart health, and blood pressure lowering. However, there have been conflicting findings in the studies on the health advantages of humor and laughter, with most claims being either unsupported or overstated. The most thorough research on humor and health typically demonstrates that humor only temporarily relieves pain when it is experienced, such as when viewing a comedy film, or that humor just lessens sickness symptoms. No study has, to date, conclusively demonstrated how humor can aid in a person’s recovery from a serious disease. Examining the health of those who utilize humor as a part of their work, such as stand-up comedians and improv performers, is one way to look into the connection between humor and health. By the way, they not only employ humor as a part of their jobs, but they also have the best sense of humor. Therefore, if humor is beneficial to our health, comedians should stand to gain the most from it. Although it is sometimes asserted that humor can extend life, research has revealed the exact reverse to be true. According to one study, serious performers like serious comedians and humor writers also die younger than other famous people who are not entertainers. Researchers have also discovered that the mortality rate of the greatest British comedians of all time was higher than that of the lesser-known comedians. According to a different study, stand-up comedians pass away earlier than comedy and dramatic actors.

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