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What happened to actress Zenebu Gesese?

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Seifu on EBS – Interview with the famous Ethiopian entertainer Zenebu Gesese on Sefiu show with have Seifu Fantahun. Entertainer Zenebu said, “The specialist advised me to be ready for the various things that will happen to you as a result of the prescription.” This is the site of the Zoma Museum, another eco-reverence to Ethiopia’s native engineering just as an unmistakably African home for contemporary craftsmanship. Another manifestation of what had recently been known as the Zoma Contemporary Art Center, the Zoma Museum, opening in June, is the formation of the keeper and social anthropologist Meskerem Assegued and craftsman Elias Sime, who has been dealing with it in different manners for a very long time, consistently purchasing upland plot by plot.

“Assuming you need to accomplish something great, it sets aside time,” Assegued advised me. “Individuals believe we’re rich. However, we’re only rich with individuals a lot of good individuals.” The actual grounds are a convincing work of Land Art. Watching out across the inclining slopes, sightlines trick and loan perspectival closeness that toys with a feeling of distance.

Initially, it appears to be that no piece of the compound is stowed away from see, bending bowl-like and dropping to the Akaki River. A focal group of mud structures, which Sime and his gifted bricklayers have been working on over the long run, will oblige presentation space for specialists from Africa and all throughout the planet, just as a library, pastry shop, and bistro.

The gallery will likewise work a school for vernacular engineering while at the same time keeping a kindergarten that had been begun the property before Zoma became included. The motivation for this was an excursion around Ethiopia. As we visited the new Zoma grounds, Assegued depicted an essential excursion during the 1990s when she was in her twenties.

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