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What happened to the groom and his father on the wedding day

At work, you might or might not be the boss. You could or might not serve as the church’s pastor or minister. You might or might not be a leader in your neighbourhood. However, you are in charge of your family. Your son must observe parental leadership. He must witness your leadership via service. He will better comprehend leadership and be able to lead rather than follow his classmates when he observes you serving others. As he matures, he will be better able to lead his family, his workplace, his church, and his community. You could feel several pulls while you carry out all the various duties you have.He needs you to be there for him in all aspects of his life, including his education and social interactions. There are some places that are not only for his pals or mum. He will receive the support he needs from your presence in any situation. Your son needs your unconditional love no matter what decisions he takes, especially if they differ from your own. even if they are poor decisions. The door to trust and acceptance that strengthens your connection will be opened by your love and leadership. And it will boost his confidence. “Son, I love you.” “Son, I’m proud of you.” You are great, son. “Son, I know you can do it.” “That play you created was incredible!” “You put in a lot of effort.”

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