What happened to the journalist…Addis Mieraf

We all experience hardship from time to time, but while some of us are able to thrive in these situations, others find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Successful people have discovered a means to overcome obstacles and get around barriers that would entirely deter others. How is it that some people are able to recover and triumph over adversity? They refrain from allowing themselves to be overcome by unfavourable feelings or thoughts, for starters. They pause for a while to reflect on their experiences before continuing to move forward. They are empowered by their mental toughness to pursue chances rather than wallow in hopelessness. The best medicine, so they say, is laughing. Your body uses it to cope with stress, release tension, and reset your brain to a more optimistic state. Dopamine, nature’s feel-good chemical, and endorphins are released during a hearty laugh. When you’re dealing with one of life’s blows, it could seem impossible to find any humour. However, there are occasions when simply taking a step back and laughing at the circumstance can lift your spirits and help you go on. In the face of a significant setback, you might not be laughing, but allow yourself some time.

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