What happened to the journalist on live tv

For now, we decided to go ahead with the experiment without informing the newspaper’s management. There was still a lot of skepticism about beginning new businesses in the wake of the media disaster. We wanted to act as if we were a little start-up within a giant organization, in the spirit of experimentation, and move quickly and softly. In order to save time, we didn’t want to spend it on something that people would dismiss as a fantasy. We became an undercover strike team, meeting in secret to fine-tune the concept, organize a working group, and explore possibilities. Essentially, the Black Box was conceived as a way to turn our publication into a theatrical production. After settling on our strategy, we set out to find a location. The esteemed director of Finland’s National Theatre, Mika Myllyaho, jumped at the opportunity and cried, “Great idea, let’s do it!” We booked the theater’s little stage for three nights in the spring of 2016. The time has come for us to present our idea to the newspaper’s editors. Fortunately, when we explained our plan to editor-in-chief Päivi Anttikoski, her eyes lit up and she told us, “Go for it!” In the absence of a guidebook, we had to rely on trial and error and, at times, complete faith. A month before our debut show, we began selling tickets.

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