What happened to the marriage that took 20 years to rebuild

Before getting down on one knee, it’s crucial to discuss your personal finances with your partner for a number of reasons. Even though discussing money isn’t always easy or enjoyable, it must be done. Finally, one of the most frequent causes of divorce is disagreements about finances. Personal finance is often 90 percent behavior and 10 percent math, but when you’re thinking about getting married, I think that ratio climbs up to even 95 percent behavioral and emotional, according to Nick Holeman, a certified financial adviser at Betterment. When it comes to pooling your funds, teamwork and coming up with effective solutions are more crucial than the figures. According to Holeman, there should be two phases to the dialogues: before and after the engagement. When it comes to taking vacations or going on business trips, your ideas might not always be in alignment. According to Holeman, there are many different perspectives on retirement, paying for education, and even how you want to live after you retire. Make sure you and your significant financial goals are on the same page if you want to attain them. Get a sense of what your husband values and wants so that you can avoid misunderstandings later on. Once you’re married, you may revisit your goals, revise them, and come up with a plan for accomplishing them. According to Holeman, different people experience different financial anxiety depending on their backgrounds. You can learn more about your partner’s financial history and outlook by asking them questions like, “How do you approach money?”

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