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What happened to The Sheik Alamoudi

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Freely, Getachew uncovered to Al Jazeera’s Catherine Wahba on Wednesday that the Tigrayan forces would not stop doing combating until the entire region was intensely impacted by them.

“Getachew says whether or not [Tigray] powers are making adequate gains and pushing back negating powers, the Ethiopian military – upheld by Eritrean forces and Amhara heroes – still control colossal spaces of Tigray an area,” Wampum said. “The place of the Tigrayan powers is to push back to guarantee that each and every hint of Tigray is in their control.”

“Right when we entered Mekelle seven or eight months earlier, it was because it was the point of convergence of gravity for conflicts,” the chief told state media on Tuesday, a video of which was posted on his site on Wednesday.

“It was the focal point of an organization. A center for known and dark resources. However, when we exit, there is nothing remarkable about it except that there is someplace in the scope of 80,000 people and the people who loot people … It has lost its point of convergence of gravity in the current setting.”

His comments incited a fast response by TPLF agent Getachew Reda.

“The way that he’s pronouncing to have eliminated from Mekelle is an altogether lie. We beat them in their own game. They lost,” Getachew unveiled to Reuters news office by satellite phone on Wednesday.

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