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what happened to this family in Indonesia

There is a very unique family in Indonesia with six children and four people whose faces have transformed. Suria, the family’s lone son, is the man in question. He looked in the mirror and said to himself, “My face has altered.” My cheeks were plump here, although they were becoming increasingly thin. There are three younger sisters who are identical to him. Dill, the youngest sister, is fortunate. Dill was always interested as a child about why he, his brother, and sister looked so different, and many people told him that their family was “cursed.” Dill understood as he grew older that it had nothing to do with curses because their father had the same illness, thus his brothers and sisters were just genetically impacted, while he inherited his mother. Dill is occasionally depressed since she leads a normal life and no one laughs at her. She was concerned that her brothers and sisters would disapprove of her as a result of this. Dill felt really uneasy when they were depressed since they were laughed at. The siblings are preparing dinner, and the atmosphere is really pleasant. Despite the fact that their faces have changed, their usual lifestyles have not been disrupted. A few brothers and sisters in the same community are pretty cordial, and few people make fun of them. The pair is their next-door neighbors, and the two families get along swimmingly. When they left the village, however, they were still met with weird looks, scorn, amazement, and curiosity… They would always support each other and keep themselves optimistic during this time. Tik Tok came into contact with a few brothers and sisters through coincidence. They posted some amusing movies on it, which rapidly drew the attention of internet users. Many individuals initially assumed they were expressing sorrow by asking everyone to donate money.

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