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What happened to Tigist on Sekela show

What transpired on the Sekela show with Tigist. Anyone who can sing will constantly be conscious of the style and volume of their voice. A non-professional singer can be identified by their mumbling vocals or by singing every note aloud without pausing. A competent singer chooses a volume and manner that works for the music and the vocal folds, or vocal cords, rather than crashing into or steamrolling over it. No matter how in tune they are, a skilled vocalist doesn’t merely yell out a song. You will be better able to judge whether you can hit the proper notes, generate the right pitch, and simply have a better sense of how you sound when you are continually conscious of your singing voice. You will also be able to determine if you are injuring your throat muscles with a little education. In all circumstances, stop what you’re doing if your throat hurts. Seek out a qualified voice coach to assist you identify the issue and develop an exercise plan to get your voice back on track if you frequently lose your voice or are unable to speak or sing for days after singing. Bob Dylan doesn’t sing like Beyoncé since their vocal ranges are distinct and each performer has mastered their own voice. Know your vocal range and stay inside it. Listen to yourself most of all. When you sing, use your ears in addition to your voice to get a better sense of your strengths and weaknesses. You can begin to focus on those pressure areas now that you are aware of what makes a successful vocalist. Although there is no quick answer for learning how to sing better, you can begin the journey to hitting those high notes with individualized vocal exercises for your registration within the environmental aspects of pitch, vowel, and intensity.

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