What happened was everything that supposed to happen

There simply isn’t a strong basis for your future together without it. Imagine sharing a home with someone who doesn’t respect you: they will make decisions on their own, even though they effect you as well; they won’t treat you nicely in public; and they will constantly make you feel unimportant and unworthy.
Who would anyone choose to be in such a relationship? You are merely harming your relationship by not exhibiting respect. If you are with the appropriate spouse, the value of respect between two individuals shouldn’t come up as a subject for discussion at any point in your life. However, if you find yourself having to defend the necessity of treating one another with respect, it suggests that one of you is intellectually challenged. Even though it can be justified, it can be difficult to deal with when someone treats you disrespectfully. Even though we may claim to love someone without conditions, when we’re struggling, we may behave disrespectfully, which, regrettably, is a reflection of our true feelings. You probably know a lot of people who are wonderful with money and who think that purchasing gifts, diamonds, or pricey watches is the best way to show their lovers how much they love and appreciate them, yet somehow their relationships ended badly or didn’t work out. On the other hand, there are many couples who rarely post about their lives on social media, don’t purchase pricey jewelry or cars, and yet they have very happy lives. These couples are admired by many people for their happiness. What causes this to occur? Some people don’t grasp the value of respect in a relationship, and there are many different ways to demonstrate respect.

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