What happened with Helen and Matias

Not merely a feeling, love is also a verb. The “feel good side of marriage” erodes with time due to daily life. Happiness is one emotion that varies. However, true love is built on a couple’s promise to be together “for better or for worse,” regardless of how it feels at the time. Fighting the conflict between your ears is a frequent theme in marriage. Couples that have a happy marriage have learned to put their differences aside and refrain from bringing up the past. They recall that both their spouse and they were flawed individuals when they got married. The marriage is not necessarily over after a catastrophe. Storms are like crises—loud, terrifying, and hazardous. But you must continue driving in order to get through a storm. A crisis might usher in a fresh start. Great people and successful marriages are born out of hardship. Sometimes people and couples may feel unhappy, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled in their marriages or relationships but not know exactly what is wrong. A happy marriage or relationship can be attributed to a variety of factors, including love, commitment, trust, time, attention, good communication skills, including listening, partnership, tolerance, patience, openness, honesty, respect, sharing, consideration, and generosity, as well as willingness and ability to compromise, constructive management of disagreements and arguments, willingness to understand the perspectives of others, ability and willingness to forgive/apologies, and fun. The list is straightforward and obvious, but when problems develop or when partners drift apart, it may be quite challenging for people to bring their marriage or relationship back to a fulfilling one. There are several closeness-enhancing factors that can strengthen a marriage or relationship, keep it strong, and help it get back on course when it has drifted or become challenging.

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