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Clinical research demonstrates that humor lowers stress chemicals. 5 When you’re under stress, your body releases a lot of cortisol, a key stress hormone. It’s crucial to lower cortisol levels since they put a strain on your immune system. You can’t concentrate on the bad things at the same time while you’re focused with something hilarious. Laughable interludes can help you relax and stop stressing. Even just having that room to yourself, where you can relax and take a deep breath, is helpful. Humor may offer a positive outlook. Perhaps after you’ve laughed, you come up with a fresh approach to the issue. Perhaps you feel comforted by the knowledge that you have survived prior trying times. You might see dangers like challenges and problems as opportunities if you adopt a fresh perspective. Alternately, you might deliberately look for the humorous sides of your difficult situation. You can use comedy and laughing as a coping method if you’re ashamed about something or need to forgive yourself for a mistake you committed. You might be surprised to learn that comedy also has significant advantages for the brain. Laughter enhances memory retention. You’ll remember a truth better if it’s presented with appropriate comedy. Researchers discovered that if material made the participant laugh, it was more likely to be recalled and spread, according to a study on the relationship between comedy and politics and news. It’s quite OK to laugh together at humorous, ridiculous, or bizarre things. Humor may help you connect with others and strengthen relationships. A shared laugh forges connections between individuals. Most of us can recall a time when laughing quickly swept through a gathering of people after starting with two people. After sharing a laugh, people frequently feel closer to one another.

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