What is hyperpigmentation and home remedy

Skin color is referred to as pigmentation. Your skin appears colored when you have problems related to skin pigmentation. Your skin’s color is produced by melanin pigment, which is produced by skin cells. A disorder called hyperpigmentation causes your skin to seem darker. It may impact your entire body or just specific skin regions. Age spots are a frequent kind of hyperpigmentation, sometimes referred to as liver spots. Acetic acid, which is present in apple cider vinegar, may aid in lightening skin pigmentation. In a jar, mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and water. Next, use it on your dark areas and let it sit for two to three minutes. Use warm water to rinse. To get the intended results, repeat the application twice daily. Aloin, a naturally occurring depigmenting component found in aloe vera, effectively lightens skin and can be used as a nontoxic treatment for hyperpigmentation. Before going to bed, apply pure aloe vera gel over the parts that are colored. Rinse in the morning in warm water. Continue every day until your skin tone becomes better. A component of various commercially available skin- and scar-lightening lotions is red onion (Allium cepa) extract. Red onion skin that has been dried off has been shown to successfully lighten skin. Look for lotions that reduce hyperpigmentation that contain extract from Allium cepa. When administered topically, green tea extract may aid in the reduction of pigmentation.

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