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What is Kidi Ethiopia doing in Canada

Having someone who supports you is a wonderful thing. Because of everything, my interest in life has grown. Most young people interested in becoming visual craftsmen but are unable to enroll in one of the country’s two traditional craftsmanship institutions (Ale School of Fine Art and Mekelle University’s new craftsmanship establishment) enroll in professional or preparatory schools that provide work examples. Alumni of the Teferi Mekonnen School of Art, as well as Abyssinia and Enlightenment Art Schools, must retake the Ale selection test. Although the framework may have helped screen out trip understudies, Ale only graduates a maximum of 30 students each year. Perhaps there is a channel for craft school grads to enter that will send them to the appropriate work area in the country. Graduate school, usually overseas, is an option for a small group. The rapidly growing advertising industry has successfully retained a large number of artisans. Professionals have jumped on board with the craze, creating their own marketing agencies after seeing the market potential.

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