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Challenges come up in life. Your life satisfaction will be largely influenced by how well you handle adversity, how resilient you are, and how quickly you can recover after a failure, setback, or disappointment. With resilience, you may face your difficulties with courage and confidence as opposed to feeling useless and unable to move on. Find out how to be resilient in the 14 ways listed below so that you can overcome challenges and keep moving in the direction of your goals. Mental flexibility is the capacity to switch gears when the situation necessitates it and the capacity to develop and assess a variety of possibilities in order to react appropriately to any circumstance. Instead of fighting the way things are, mental flexibility enables you to adapt to your circumstances and solve problems more skillfully. There are a lot of board games that make you continuously rethink your intentions and adjust your strategy in reaction to what other players do. Once you’ve mastered these abilities, you can use them in actual situations, which will increase your resilience. Find ways to make meaning of hardship. It is emotionally taxing to view an unexpected circumstance as nothing more than a waste of time and money. When experiencing hardship or a bad circumstance, you should try to find a method to make sense of it in a constructive way. For instance, ask yourself what new abilities you need to acquire to manage the current circumstance and which will be useful in the future. Additionally, consider how facing this difficulty will make you a more well-rounded person.

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