What is the difference between love and marriage

When it comes to love and marriage, there are numerous definitions that people use. Love is the most individualised of them all, in contrast to marriage. Its meaning can fluctuate among nations, cultures, and faiths as well as depending on the individual. Love is essentially just an emotion. At the same time, it is a sensation. Although it is nearly impossible to describe love precisely, most people may agree that it can be thought of as the accumulation of all sentiments, emotions, and experiences that express a deep or strong sense of affection towards something or someone, whether it be an individual or a community of people. Since it involves a sustained feeling of want and caring for another person, it is apparent that it is more than just friendship. It’s crucial to remember, though, that not all weddings come from love, as in the case with permanent marriages. There are still some couples who get married without love, despite the fact that love is one of the most important aspects to take into account while planning a marriage. Marriage, however, is more of a civil status. It is the ceremony where a couple gets legally wed. This activity gives love a deeper meaning and establishes a binding agreement or contract between the two people.

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