What is the most unique thing you have done while drunk

We are all aware that drinking impairs our ability to think clearly, therefore humiliating drunken anecdotes are not uncommon. Having said that, while we may all regret actions we took while intoxicated, some people go much further and end up becoming mainstream news. These are the accounts of individuals who set a bar for inebriated mishaps that the rest of us can only aspire to. On our birthdays, most of us who enjoy drinking go a little overboard, so maybe we shouldn’t be too harsh on Danny Melody. He also had a crazy moment in Dublin, a place known for its wild nightlife. Danny, who is from the English county of Cheshire, visited Dublin to celebrate his 21st birthday and chose to pose for a tacky souvenir photo with his head in the hole of a leprechaun photo board. Unfortunately for him, it appears that drinking alcohol causes his skull to enlarge because he was unable to remove his head from the board after he had done so. His pals recorded it on their phones and uploaded it to YouTube, as all genuine friends would do in such a situation. Additionally, he started drawing attention from others, who began taking pictures of him. After being freed, Danny told the media that he wasn’t particularly embarrassed at the time because he was quite inebriated, but that he was now regretting it.

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