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What is the status of the TPLF?

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Authorities of the Party disclosed to ENA today that the fear monger bunch has been occupied with the killing of regular folks that it marked as allies of the interval organization just after the Ethiopian National Defense Force’s withdrawal from the locale as a feature of the pronounced truce. Especially, individuals of Raya Azebo have been killed and assaulted by the gathering, said Head of the Party’s childhood area, Tigabu Gobena, and Mayor of Maoni city under the between time organization of Tigray, Aleh Bereho.

As per them, the psychological oppressor bunch has been cold-bloodedly occupied with killing individuals, copying mosques, uprooting individuals, the entire local area across Raya Azebo. Up until now, in excess of 50 individuals are killed, 200 civilian armies and 300 adolescents have been kidnaped by the TPLF bunch after the Ethiopian National Defense Force left the region, the authorities expressed.

Taking note of that the region was in relative harmony during the previous 8 months, they said that all exercises in the space were gotten back to routineness. Government associations were appropriately working and ranchers had likewise been occupied with their typical cultivating exercises, they said. In the course of recent years, individuals of Raya Azebo had been attempting to understanding the public change drive address the requests of individuals calmly, they added. Individuals have likewise been working with the public authority in its law authorization activity in the district, they expressed. Notwithstanding, at present, individuals of Raya Azebo have been assaulted with retaliation by the TPLF psychological militant gathering, they added.


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