What our parents teach us is almost similar

The fixed mindset and the development mindset are the two fundamental mindsets that affect how individuals view themselves and their potential. Individuals with a fixed mindset think that certain things, including intelligence, are constant and unalterable. People who have a fixed mindset think that natural talent alone accounts for achievement rather than hard work. They tend to give up more easily when faced with a difficulty because they think that these kinds of talents are something that people are either born with or not. They give up when things are difficult because they think they are not born with the talent required to succeed. On the other side, those with a growth mindset believe that they can learn, adapt, and change with effort. Individuals who have confidence in their ability to grow are more likely to succeed. When times are hard, they search for methods to sharpen their abilities and never give up on their goals of achievement. A fixed mindset holds that circumstances are beyond one’s control, whereas a growth mindset holds that one is in charge of one’s life. Have faith that the work you do matters. People with a growth mindset believe that effort and hard work can result in substantial growth, as opposed to believing that their talents are fixed or stuck.

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