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What really happened on the streets of Hawassa

People may use a variety of words or concepts in ordinary conversation. Although the terms “street children” and “homeless children” or “homeless adolescents” are sometimes used interchangeably, there are some distinctions.

Not all homeless youngsters wind up living on the street in the open. Many people find up sleeping in very inconvenient but out of sight places, such as on the floors of friends or strangers, or in temporary lodging such as hostels.

For example, the homeless charity Shelter projected in 2018 that up to 9,500 UK children spent Christmas in a hostel or other temporary accommodation, frequently with only one family sharing a single room and sharing bathrooms and kitchens with strangers.

On the other hand, not all children labeled as “street children” are necessarily homeless. They may work, play, or spend time on the street, but they will most likely return to their family or parents to sleep.

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