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What should we do on the time of Passion?

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Meeting with Diyakon Henok Haile about the hour of Passion on Tadias Addis. As per Wikipedia, In Christianity, the Passion (from the Latin action word patior, passus aggregate; “to endure, bear, suffer”, from which likewise “tolerance, patient”, and so on) is the short last time frame in the existence of Jesus Christ.

Contingent upon one’s perspectives, the “Enthusiasm” may incorporate, among different occasions, Jesus’ victorious arrival into Jerusalem, his purging of the Temple, his blessing, the Last Supper, Jesus’ desolation in the Garden, his capture, his Sanhedrin preliminary, his preliminary before Pontius Pilate, his torturous killing and his passing on Good Friday, his internment, and the revival of Jesus. Those pieces of the four sanctioned Gospels that depict these occasions are known as the “Energy accounts”. In some Christian people group, the recognition of the Passion additionally incorporates recognition of the distress of Mary, the mother of Jesus, on the Friday of Sorrows.

The word enthusiasm has taken on a more broad application and now may likewise apply to records of the torment and demise of Christian saints, here and there utilizing the Latin structure passio. Records of the Passion are found in the four authoritative accounts, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Three of these, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, known as the Synoptic Gospels, give comparative records. The Gospel of John account fluctuates essentially.

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