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What should you do when he is acting distant

You’re here because the man you want has suddenly started acting distant toward you. He is acting differently now because of a change in the dynamic between you two. Perhaps he isn’t displaying the gentlemanly, chivalrous side of himself that he once did. Maybe he’s not after you as much as he used to.
Every time you reach out to him, he might feel bothered or annoyed by you. Or perhaps he keeps coming up with reasons why you two can’t be together. Perhaps he is becoming irate when you ask him for something or express your feelings to him when in the past he never did. Even if he claims to love you, he might still treat you coldly.
Even when you’re right next to each other, you might feel him slipping away. The first and most crucial step to take if you’re beginning to feel anxious and panicked and you’re just not sure what to do is to keep from freaking out. Your instincts will be screaming at you that you need his validation and reassurance. In an effort to allay your relationship-related insecurities, they’ll be driving you to try to elicit his attention and affection. Don’t let your irrational thoughts take over. That’s the biggest error many women make in this circumstance, and the relationship frequently suffers as a result. The major error that many women make in this circumstance is to allow their fear of losing control over their behavior. You greatly increase the likelihood that your relationship will end when you allow fear and insecurity to control your behavior.

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